Music: The Fuel for Everything I Do

"Music is more than just an art form to me. It’s the fuel that drives my daily activities and inspires me to be creative."

From the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I fall asleep at night, music is a constant companion that elevates my mood, motivates me to work harder, and helps me unwind after a long day.

One advantage for me is that I love many different music genres which allows me to always find the right tunes to fit the mood of the day or the environment I might find myself in at any given point during the day.

"Through my daily routine music plays a significant role in every aspect."

As you might've guessed music is the perfect way to start my day. I’ve created my own morning playlist filled with upbeat, energizing tracks that help me get out of bed and start my day on the right foot. Whether it’s a classic rock anthem or a modern pop hit or some latin tune, the music helps me wake up and face the day with confidence.

Aside from the energy I get from my morning also must begin with a refreshing shower usually during the weekdays, and I make sure to have my morning playlist play seamlessly and uninterrupted on my bathroom homePod.

The upbeat rhythm of some of my favorite songs sets the tone for the day and energizes me for the hours ahead. Music helps me get in the right mindset to tackle whatever comes my way.

Once I leave home I normally head over to work which means its time to ride the stunningly beautiful and often too crowded Berlin u-Bahn, and as you can imagine my airPods are a default part of my daily outfit.

For this daily commute I often like to simply hit my station on apple music and enjoy whatever tunes and genre their algorithm deems best for me.

And this is how I make sure I arrive to my work destination feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

As a creative professional, music is an essential part of my workday. When I’m in the zone, I put on my Lo-Fi playlist to help me focus and block out distractions. Other times, I’ll listen to my favorite artists for inspiration or to get my creative juices flowing.

After a long day of work and maybe even some errands, I always feel the need to have some calm and do nothing and there’s nothing better than unwinding at home with some music. this is why as soon as i arrive home my Apple Home automations sets the right lighting and calming music.

This helps me relax and disconnect from my day and focus on me. Music is a constant source of comfort and joy in my life, and I’m grateful for its ability to help me relax and recharge.

"Music is also a key feature of other not so daily activities in my day such as writing, reading and photography.

Writing for me is greatly enhanced by music. Whether I’m crafting a blog post or simply writing down some notes about my day, music helps me get into the right headspace and channel my emotions onto the page.

I recently have been writing more often and I have been thinking about creating playlists for when I write which reflect the tone and mood of the piece I’m working on. The right music can help me find the perfect words and bring my ideas to life.

"Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax, and music makes it even better."

A lot of people always wondered how I am able to read and listen to music at the same time, and the truth is that there's nothing I can't do without music. When I read I love listening to instrumental music, however there are moments when some soft ballads are also perfect for reading.

My favorite hobby is photography, I always use music to set the mood for my shoots. Whether I’m taking portraits or landscapes, the right music can help me capture the feeling I’m trying to convey.

"The right music can help me capture the feeling I’m trying to convey."

The right song can help me reflect the mood of the shoot, whether it’s upbeat and energetic, calm and contemplative or some other genre, music helps me get into the right headspace and create images that tell a story.

Lastly another activity I really enjoy is cooking, however it is one I do not have the opportunity to do as often as I would like to but when I do get the chance to cook, music is a must as it greatly enhances the overall experience.

I love to put on some upbeat tunes and dance around the kitchen while I cook. It helps me get in the right mood to create something delicious and puts me in a good mood.

In conclusion, music is the fuel that drives everything I do. From my morning shower to my evening relaxation time, music is an essential part of my daily routine. It motivates me, inspires me, and helps me stay focused on my goals. I can’t imagine my life without music, and I’m grateful for its ability to enhance every aspect of my life.